Definition:White Label Web portal Developed by Mindiansoft Technology Pvt Ltd. We are providing various services, which gives you or your clients power to “Use Multiple services which will be integrated in your portal like:-

 Prepaid Mobile Recharge
 Postpaid Mobile Bill Payments
 Utility Bills Payment
 DTH Recharge
 Data card Recharge
 Electricity Bill Pament
 Online Banking Services(IMPS,NEFT)
 Domestic Airlines Ticket Booking(Coming Soon)
 Bus Ticket Booking Online(Coming Soon)
 International Airlines Ticket Booking(Coming Soon)
 Hotel Packages Booking Online(Coming Soon)
 Travel Packages Book Online(Coming Soon)

You can purchase the white label solution from the parent company, and rebrand it in your name; for further business transactions.

Why expanded white label solution in the market?
Cost Saving: Using White Label no more Investment in Development, Hosting and renewations.
Ease to Use: It is easy to use and re-branding your company.
Remove Complexity Handling: Development of specific software or solution to meet your business needs is often met with unexpected challenges and failure.

Features of B2B2C White Label Recharge Portal: which is organized, simple, and easy to use dashboard. Many of features are integrated in your dashboard which are mention below:-
 Branding tools available
 Power to customize your site
 Upload your logo, brand name, address, and other details
 Edit or Update Contents
 Edit or Update Menu
 Manage Recharges & Utility Bills section
 Site Settings option
 Marketing Tool Available
 24 / 7 Client Support & Technical Support Center

Business Benefits
 Small Investment for start your New Virtual Business
 Your brand promotion in the market
 Ignore Technical Investment like hire Developer, Hosting Charges etc .
 After Purchased White Label Focus only Marketing Strategy
 Get Commission Value According to Slabs.
 Revenue generation with your Virtual Business

White Label Recharge Portal
Mindiansoft Technology is providing Web Based Recharge Portals with multiple services.The ease with which you can get your service provider recharged online for various systems is surprising. For recharging a mobile or DTH, paying electricity bill and utility bill through a website you do not have to be an expert in the use of internet tools and applications, you should required basic knowledge of computers and internet also. This facility has been made available to users to get rid of their dependency on a recharge stores.
Mindiansoft Technology is a company, which is introducing its exceptional recharge software service. It's an exclusive solution for the recharge business with software that is completely equipped
with all the latest requirements. We provide multiple White Label Recharge API for the prepaid, post-paid, landline, mobile, DTH, bill payments, utility bill payment and data-card services. We are offering B2B2B portal package for recharge system that gives a strong base for all those who wish to launch their recharge business online.

1.Easy Branding: Mindiansoft Technology provides white label Recharge portal services, which are easy to brand, promote, and manage.
2.Happy Clients: clients recieves get instantly delivery of results through message notification which are defines actual status of recharge and banking services also .
3.Focus on Business Goals: The best part is, you will not have to focus on service accessibility by your clients, rather can focus on “brand building, advertising, customer      service, and determining opportunities”.
4.Economical & Time Effective: Hiring any technical solution always save your time and money. The reason being development of “white label recharge portal solution” is     a complicate process and takes lengthy time. Second, the money invested to hire professional and build the complex solution, lowers the business growth. If you        purchase the white label solution, it gives you enough time to focus on your core competency.

What are the advantages :
 Mobile and user friendly recharge system
 You can create your own brand
 Fast, up-gradations are possible
 Maintenance of your software is easy
 Feedback and CRM
 Highly commissionable
 Available at reasonable competitive Cost

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